The name said it all.

When you eat here if you like you're eating in Asia they have done such a great job of capturing the authentic taste of the Asian food. They even create a ambience with music and, other cultural stimulating decorative pieces such as paintings. You'll even find the waitresses in there cultural attire that is native to the country.

I can appreciate the fact that they started speak to me in Chinese, which basically lead me to believe that this has to be the most authentic place in all of America. In other words the only way to order off the menu is to be able to speak cantonese. Good thing I had Google translate on hand. It took us about two hours to order, but it was well worth it. I love the chicken chow mein, and I highly recommend The spring rolls


One Of My Fav Places by Reed
Price is good, service is great. I use to go there every other week when I worked in that area. Some places don't like you coming alone but this place is really nice. Food is good. I like their sushi and teriyaki chicken is the best. They also have a nice salad bar if you bring picky eaters who dont like chinese food.?

Best Chinese Buffet in Vancouver area!!! by Patrick
This place defines: Don't judge a book by its cover! On the outside, it doesn't look any different than other restaurant around its area, but, once you go in, you will be surprise to see how warm and clean it is. I am one of Taste of Asia's ...

Total Standby for Us... by Robert
We love this place and have been going here for years. We feel like family there. The food is outstanding and they always carry a variety of high quality eats. Our only problem is not over eating because it is a buffet and SOOO GOOD!!!?

scrumptious? by A TripAdvisor Member
the food is great the owners aim to please. family atmosphere, reasonably priced.i know people coming from longview wa 39 miles away to eat there. i will eat there every chance i get. your birthday is free. the sushi is very good. ...?

One of the Better Chinese Buffets... by MercuryPDX
As far as Chinese buffets go, this is one of the best in Vancouver. They offer a varied number of VERY well prepared standard Chinese dishes (Kung Pao chicken, Sweet and sour pork, etc), and include some dishes from other Asian cultures such as roll Sushi (Japanese) and Salad rolls (Thai).?

Best asian food in Vancouver. by retirednow
I have tried all the Chineese restaurants in Vancouver, and this is the best. I actually live just a few blocks away from another very good Chinese buffet, but will drive the extra miles for this one. The food is always excellent, ...

Delicious. by Kelsey S.
I ate at Taste of Asia for the first time this summer. They had a wonderful buffet with an array of choices. The service was excellent and the food exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this business to anyone ...
The Titles says it ALL. Can't think of anything they need to improve. Oh, and the price is REDICULOUSLY CHEAP for what you get ! Come HUNGRY and you'll think ya died and went to heaven ... ya'll leave smiling. Wear an elastic waistband. ...

Good By Mr. Black
Well, Google strikes again. I was going to write a long, drawn out review but short and simple is best- the drive was not bad from portland, the staff was kind, and friendly. The food was crazy fresh and very tasty too. The restaurant is nice and small- cozy and quiet, as well as very clean. I definitely recommend this place.

Not a big Chinese fan, but this is GOOD!! By Seth A
My girlfriend and I found this place here on Google Maps because it had the best reviews in all of vancouver. Turns out, the critics are right, this place is amazing! The meat was really good, and everything was cooked just right. We will be making this one of our regulars from now on. Highly recommended!

Taste of Asia beats any teriyaki by JeanineSL
I love teriyaki but trying to find not overcooked noodles, actual meat and fresh selection in the Vancouver area is slim pickings. I'd about given up until my husband found Taste of Asia. The food is fresh and well made, extremely tasty ...


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